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Wilhelm in Germany, Stuttgart spa

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Wilhelm is a castle area of historical importance, as well as the zoo-botanical garden of Stuttgart. In 2007, the number of visitors exceeded 2 million.

In 1812, King Frederick the First founded a menagerie on the territory of the royal castle, which contained more than 200 different animals and birds, including monkeys, elephants, parrots, etc. The peculiarity of the menagerie was its accessibility to the common people. In 1816, after the death of the king, the menagerie was closed due to financial difficulties. In 1840, the Werner Zoo was opened next to the inn for the entertainment of visitors. During the Second World War, the territory of the zoo was slightly damaged. At the end of the war, restoration work was carried out, during which the territory was also expanded.

In 1829, a mineral spring was discovered on this territory. Soon next to him, by order of Wurttemberg Wilhelm I, was erected a `` bathing house '' in a beautiful neo-Moorish style.

As a result of the collapse of the Wurttemberg court, Wilhelma's territory became the property of the federal state.

Today the zoo is home to many different animals: African artiodactyls, great apes, rhinos, elephants, nocturnal and tropical birds, etc.

Plants brought from different parts of the earth grow in the botanical garden: titanic amorphophallus, magnolias, rhododendrons, cacti ,

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Topic: Wilhelm in Germany, Stuttgart spa.Wilhelm in Germany, Stuttgart spa

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