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Marktplatz in Germany, resort of Stuttgart

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Marktplatz represents the market square of Stuttgart.

The square was first mentioned in the annals of 1290. At that time, it was the center of life of ordinary citizens, while Schillerplatz and Palace Square were considered the center of court life.

Throughout its history, the square has witnessed many historical events. Executions, city holidays, and fairs were held here. In 1738, the trial of Joseph Suess Oppenheimer, financial advisor to Duke Karl Alexander, took place here. The sentence itself was carried out outside Stuttgart.

Today, the Marktplatz remains a market square, working on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The rules of trading established over a hundred years ago are still observed here - – it is customary to sell only fresh vegetables and fruits grown in Wurttemberg.

The buildings surrounding the square were formed in the 1950s on the site of formerly destroyed old buildings in the functionalist style.

Also on the square you can see the Marktplatzbrunnen thermal mineral spring. The fountain, erected over the spring in 1714, is decorated with scenes of military camps and hunting.


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Topic: Marktplatz in Germany, resort of Stuttgart.Marktplatz in Germany, resort of Stuttgart

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