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Ferrari World Theme Park in UAE, Abu Dhabi Resort

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Ferrari World Theme Park is the world's first Ferrari indoor theme park and the first amusement park in the company's history. It was opened in mid-2010, near the city of Abu Dhabi, on the artificial island of Yas.

The interior of the park is 96,000 square meters, the surrounding area is 435,000 square meters .

One of the most interesting features of the park is the streamlined red roof, made in the form of three petals, and its area is 201,000 square meters. On the roof is the Ferrari logo, which is the largest brand logo.

The park has about twenty rides designed for visitors of different ages and hobbies.

The main attraction is Formula Rossa - this is the fastest roller coaster in the world, the length of which is 2.07 kilometers, and fireballs reach speeds of up to 240 kilometers per hour.  

Another of the most popular attractions is the"Gravity Tower", which allows passengers sitting in a special capsule to feel free fall, after how the pump will lift them to a height of 62 meters. This ride gives you the opportunity to feel the sensations of a Formula 1 racer as his car accelerates sharply on the track.

There are interactive workshops for children in the park, where little visitors can create a souvenir gift with their own hands.

When visiting any attraction, there is always the opportunity to take a photo for memory.

Also on the territory of the amusement park is a racing school, many shops where you can buy racing helmets, engine parts for racing cars that won races, souvenirs with brand symbols and much more.

For those who are tired and hungry, restaurants are always open, where preference is given to Italian cuisine. But if you are not a fan of pizza, risotto and so on, you will be offered traditional European cuisine.

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Topic: Ferrari World Theme Park in UAE, Abu Dhabi Resort.Ferrari World Theme Park in UAE, Abu Dhabi Resort

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