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World's Best Amusement Parks

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Image One of the rides in Diggerland amusement park, UK

From childhood, we have a soft spot for roller coasters and amusement parks in general. The atmosphere of a holiday constantly reigns in them, which returns any person to youth and takes away in a whirlwind of fun. We'll look at the best amusement parks in the world.

Great Britain.

Let's start with Europe, namely foggy Albion ... A very interesting chain of amusement parks here is Diggerland, which adheres to the theme of"digging". Visitors to the park will have to test their strength in"digging" carousels: carousel excavators, roller coasters on tractors, riding in buckets and other equipment converted into attractions. There are three such parks in the United Kingdom, which are located in York, Devon and Kent. It is worth checking the schedule before the trip.

Image Europa Park, Germany


In Germany, one of the most interesting is Europa Park. It is divided into several zones stylized as European states. Park visitors will be able to visit the UK, Germany, France, Austria and other countries at once. There is even a zone stylized as Russia. Europa Park is located on the border of Germany, France and Switzerland. The reference point can be the German resort of Baden-Baden and Freiburg. One day is not enough to see all the interesting things in the park. Ticket prices start at 34 euros for an adult and 30 euros for a child.

Image Legoland, Denmark


Denmark is home to Lego fans. The so-called Legoland is located in the town of Billund. This is one of four parks on this theme. Once inside, you will not see anything but Lego-built objects. You can also plunge into the world of your favorite designer in Germany, Great Britain and California. As for the Danish Legoland, it is designed for one and a half million visitors. The park will be interesting to those who are interested in creativity, play and development. No matter how old the visitor is, there is an interesting thematic area for him. Ticket price for adults from 37 euros, for children - from 33.

Image Lego miniatures in Legoland Danish park

Spain .

In sunny Spain, we will walk through two amusement parks at once. The first is the Warner Bros theme park in the suburbs of Madrid. This is one of the most modern parks in the world, divided into five zones. Each of them presents original attractions on a given theme, restaurants and shops. The audience is entertained with theatrical performances and light and music shows. In addition to visitors, characters from popular cartoons walk the streets of the park. The ticket price is 35 euros for adults and 27 euros for children.

Image Warner Bros Amusement Park Ride, Spain

Port Aventura is the second Spanish park, which is even more popular. It is located 100 km from the capital of Catalonia, on the Costa Dorada. Fans of extreme rides flock here, the public can choose from 30 rides of varying degrees of"scary". Among them are those designed for the public with nerves of steel, for example,"Dragon Khan" - the highest roller coaster in Europe, the path along which runs through eight"dead loops", and the travel speed reaches 110 km per hour. Issue price - 44 euros for adults and 35 euros for children.

Image Port Aventura, Spain  


Italy is home to one of the largest amusement parks in Europe - Gardaland. Its territory accommodated over 40 attractions and carousels for visitors of different ages. In addition to them, the public is entertained with various performances, they are offered to dine in one of 5 themed restaurants or go shopping in the store, of which there are about 20. The park is located two hours from Milan and Venice, and the entrance costs 35 euros for an adult or 29 euros for a child. .

Image Amusement Park Gardaland, Italy


The dream of every child and adult is to visit Disneyland - the fabulous country of your favorite heroes with whom you spend all your childhood. One of the Disneylands is located 32 km from Paris and is 15 times larger than the capital of the country. The park consists of five zones, which require two days for a full inspection. The ticket price for an adult is 49 euros, for a child - 41 euros.

Image Disneyland Paris


The United States has a bunch of excellent parks. There are several Disneylands in California and Orlando, the second being the largest amusement park in the world. By tradition, each of them is divided into several thematic zones. For example, in Orlando at Disneyland, there is a Magic Kingdom with a famous castle, which is familiar to everyone who has ever seen one of the company's cartoons. There is an area entirely dedicated to Disney movies, water parks and water attractions.

Orlando has another huge amusement park from the Universal studios film company. The analogue is located in Hollywood. The parks are in no way inferior in scope to Disneylands, here you can meet heroes of popular films, ride high-tech rides and watch scenes from the company's creations come to life.

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