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The best roller coaster in the world

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Image"Loop" on a roller coaster

It is difficult to surprise a modern person with a trip to an amusement park, because most of them have ridden all kinds of attractions at least once in their lives, including roller coasters. The revolution took place back in 1976, when the world's first loop roller coaster was opened in California at Six Flags Magic Mountain. And yet, there are a number of roller coasters in the world, the fear of which remains even now.
Silver Star, Europa Park, Rust, Germany. This silver star shone in 2002 and since then tickles the nerves of all the inhabitants of Europe. The design is based on a system of chain hoists that first deliver the victim to a height of 73 meters, and then drop and circle at speeds up to 130 kilometers per hour.
Image Attraction Silver Star, Germany

Tower of Terror II, Dreamworld, Queasland, Australia. This attraction continues the work of its predecessor. The first Tower of Fear was launched in 1997 and has ridden over 8 million people. In 2010 it was restarted, making it even worse. Those who decide to ride the Second Tower of Fear have to climb to the top of the 35-meter tower in 7 seconds, leave the tunnel, hover for a moment, and then fall down accompanied by the shouts of neighbors.
Image Australian Tower of Terror II

Steel Dragon 2000, Nagashima Spa Land, Kuwana, Japan. The Steel Dragon was once known as the world's fastest and tallest roller coaster. But those times are behind, at the moment it remains only the longest roller coaster. Colossal money was spent on their construction, because it was necessary to provide the structure with resistance to earthquakes, which are a frequent guest in the region. One fact is unlikely to undergo any changes Steel Dragon is definitely one of the scariest slides in the world.
Image Attraction Steel Dragon 2000, Japan

Kinga Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey, USA. This long-liver is still one of the tallest roller coasters in the world, they lift the victim to a height of 139 meters. It should be noted that the attraction has experienced many problems during its operation, in 2005, it had to be closed altogether to eliminate mechanical damage that affected the starter motor and the rope system. In 2009, Kinga Ka was struck by lightning, causing further damage.
Image Attraction Kinga Ka, USA

Intimidator 305, Kings Dominion, Virginia, USA. Intimidator 305 cannot yet boast of a rich historical heritage; the attraction appeared relatively recently, but has already won the Golden Ticket award. in 2010 as the best new roller coaster.
Superman: Escape from Krypton, Six Flags Mountain, California, USA. Until 2011, Superman: Escape from Krypton was simply called Superman: Escape. He underwent restoration, as a result of which he received carts moving backwards. It accelerates to 160 km / h and rises 126.5 meters.
Image Superman: Escape from Krypton, USA

Thunder Dolphin, Tokyo Dome City, Tokyo, Japan. The Thunder Dolphin does not differ in any record values of speed, altitude or acceleration, it has its own methods of delivering thrills to the addressee. It carries passengers through a concrete ring and then walks around the real building at a very close distance.
Image Thunder Dolphin, Japan

Formula Rossa, Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, UAE. This is, no less, the fastest roller coaster in the world. They accelerate to 240 kilometers in less than 5 seconds. The speed at which the attraction moves is extremely high, passengers have to protect their eyes with special goggles.
Image Image Attraction Eejanaika, Japan

These slides entertain passengers in addition to standard speeds, ups, downs and loops with 360-degree rotating seats. This is called 4D slides.
Image Attraction Eejanaika, Japan

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