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Makeda Quarter in Italy, Sicily Resort

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Makeda is an old quarter of Palermo with a large concentration of historical monuments.

On Via Francesco Raimondi you can see the Basilica of Sant'Agostino, erected in Romanesque style in the XIV century. The construction was sponsored by the influential La Groix family, the family coat of arms of this family can still be seen on the facade of the temple today. In the following centuries, the interior of the church acquired the Baroque style. The cloir of the church was created in the Catalan Gothic style.

Next to the church is the Capo market, where you can easily plunge into the atmosphere of vulgar Palermo. The market is home to many different shops selling fresh meat, vegetables and wonderful souvenirs.

One of the most popular attractions in the quarter is Villa Malfitana, which is located in a park, not far from Palazzo Cisa. The villa was built in the English style in the 18th century for the Whitaker family. Members of the Italian, Neapolitan and British royal families have also stayed here at various times.

The Archaeological Museum is located in Piazza Olivella. The museum complex occupies several buildings at once. It is one of the oldest buildings built in the 13th century. The museum displays artifacts from the Greek, Finnish, Saracenic, Punic and Roman periods. The museum also contains exhibits brought from other countries of the world. Among the exhibits, especially valuable are the mosaic floors from Roman buildings, sarcophagi from Villabate, the Stone of Palermo, lion heads from the Temple of the Chimera,

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Topic: Makeda Quarter in Italy, Sicily Resort.Makeda Quarter in Italy, Sicily Resort

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