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Bauhaus in Germany, Weimar resort

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The Bauhaus is an educational institution in Weimar, formed in April 1919 by the merger of the Saxon-Weimar School of Fine Arts and the School of Applied Arts.

Henri Van de Velde became the director of this innovative institution, who published his Manifesto in 1919, which later became the basis for the creative and pedagogical method of the School, rich in a variety of artistic ideas.
The first workshops were jewelry, textile, book and printed graphics. Soon there were workshops for furniture, sculpture, ceramics and monumental painting.

In 1930, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe became the director of the School. reorganized its own teaching system. Five main directions were created – interior design, fine arts, construction, photography and textiles.

In 1933, the Bauhaus was closed, and 13 years later, a higher education institution was opened in the building, associated with the Bauhaus humanistic traditions. In 1951, the building was named the Higher School of Architecture, in 1996 the old name returned to the school.

Nowadays, the Bauhaus combines features of art and technical education. A variety of curricula, models of project interdisciplinary study and methodological developments are created by engineers and architects, designers and artists of the university.

The university complex consists of academic buildings,

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Topic: Bauhaus in Germany, Weimar resort.Bauhaus in Germany, Weimar resort

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