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Buchenwald Memorial in Germany, Weimar Resort

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The Buchenwald Memorial is located in the vicinity of Weimar on the Ettersberg Upland.

From 1937 to 1945, Buchenwald was a notorious concentration camp , in which more than 50 thousand people died. The first prisoners of the concentration camp were Jehovah's Witnesses, political prisoners, homosexuals and criminals. Since 1938, Jews began to be exiled to the camp. Also, Soviet prisoners of war stayed here.

Various medical experiments were performed on prisoners, poisons were tested for effectiveness and infectious experiments were carried out to test vaccines. By 1945, Buchenwald was the largest death camp – at that time it contained more than 112 thousand prisoners.

Initially, the camp contained German communists, among whom was Ernst Thalmann, who was shot in 1944. Under these seemingly impossible conditions, the communists organized underground activities, they even managed to influence the management of the concentration camp. One of the staunchest members of the resistance was Albert Kunz, who repeatedly staged sabotage actions. In April 1945, the underground were able to transmit a call for help to the Allies through a radio transmitter mounted in a bin. Five days later, the camp was liberated, more than 800 guards and SS men were captured.

Until 1950, the camp was used by the Soviet occupation forces. It contained internees and political prisoners.

Little remains of the camp to this day. Here you can see the cobblestone foundations from the early buildings, next to each of them there are tablets with the numbers of the barracks. The observation towers, the crematorium building are well preserved, today on its walls you can see plaques with names written by relatives of the victims in different languages, a disinfection barrack, cemeteries and quarries.

A monument was erected on the territory of Buchenwald concentration camp victims, created by Fritz Kremer. On the gate you can see the famous inscription 'Jedem das Seine', which means 'To each his own'.

In the exhibition hall you can observe four thematic expositions – `` History of Buchenwald '', `` History of Special Camp No. 2 '', '' laquo; Exhibition of art '' and 'Exhibition on the history of the memorial'.


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Topic: Buchenwald Memorial in Germany, Weimar Resort.Buchenwald Memorial in Germany, Weimar Resort

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