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Notre Dame du Eau in France

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Notre-Dame-du-Haut is a pilgrimage church in the village of Ronchamp. This is almost the only temple built in the 20th century and at the same time included in the route of the Way of St. James.

  Le Corbusier was the chief architect who built this building – one of the pioneers of the emerging Art Nouveau style, a person who does not believe in God too much, however, decided to design a temple. The main condition of the architect was freedom of self-expression.

The result of the construction was a concrete building, which stands out briskly among other churches not only in France, but throughout Europe. But with the interior decoration, the situation is completely different: inside the temple resembles early Christian churches, ascetic, strict interiors.  

The first year after its construction, the church was little used, as the locals staged a real revolt against the unusual building. For some time, the building did not even have a bathroom and electricity, but the interest from the pilgrims increased the tourist influx. And now a small French village lives almost at the expense of tourists who come to see this new miracle of France.

In the summer, when there are a lot of tourists, services in the church are held not inside, but in the air, with a special altar was even built in the backyard exit.  


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Topic: Notre Dame du Eau in France.Notre Dame du Eau in France

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