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Notre Dame la Grande in France

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Cathedral in the city of Poitiers. One of the currently operating temples, built since the early Middle Ages.

The temple has a cruciform shape, which was customary for that time. The Romanesque period of the construction of the temple is preserved in its original form only on one of the apses and on a part of the northern wall, where you can see the brickwork characteristic of that period. The rest of the cathedral was built much later.

Inside, the temple looks like it was rebuilt after the French Revolution. Unique sculptures appeared, a baroque mahogany pulpit, stained glass windows were completely restored or altered. Some stained glass windows were delivered only at the end of the 20th century, and a large organ was brought even at the border of the millennium.

In the center of the altar of the temple stands a statue of the Virgin Mary with symbolic keys to the city. The statue is associated with the legend of the rescue of the city in the XIII century from the British who stormed the city walls.


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