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Church of Saint-Nizier in France, Lyon resort

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One of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Lyon bears the name of the bishop of Nizier, on whose initiative this temple was built.

several churches. The most convincing of them relates to the well-known fact of the persecution of Christians in the 117th year. According to this version, in place. Where the church still stands today, there used to be a Roman pagan temple. The chronicles did not even preserve information about which god the temple was dedicated to, but they retained records that all the Lyons Christians arranged their meetings in the catacombs of this temple. Most of the Christians were brutally tortured and killed, some of the remains were nevertheless preserved and buried.

In the 5th century, the burial place of the martyrs was found, and after the founding of the diocese of Lyons, they were reburied at the site where the church of Saint-Nizier is now. Before the construction of the church, a chapel was erected here, where everyone could pray for the repose of all victims of persecution against Christians.

A century later, the chapel grew into a small church. But the fate of this temple has prepared for him a number of serious and tragic trials. In the 8th century, the Saracens, when attacking the city, destroyed the church to the ground. The restoration work took a century and a half. Then, in the 9th century, the church was expanded. Gradually, the appearance of the temple changed, but in the XIII century, trouble happened to it again. A group of heretics staged an arson in the temple, as a result of which all the interior decoration was destroyed.

Three centuries have passed, to completely rebuild the temple and restore the interior. But the facing and strength of the stone used did not allow even the Huguenots in the 15th century to somehow spoil the beauty of the majestic church.


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Topic: Church of Saint-Nizier in France, Lyon resort.Church of Saint-Nizier in France, Lyon resort

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