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Palais Tau in France, Reims resort

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Palace To – residence of the archbishops of Reims. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The history of the palace is closely connected with the history of the French monarchy, due to the close location of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, in which the French monarchs were crowned. On the site of the palace, a villa built in the Gallo-Roman style existed in the 6th-6th centuries. It later became the palace of the Carolingian dynasty. The mention of the palace and its name first appeared in the documents of 1131. The name of the palace comes from its   plan: the building resembles the Greek letter"T". Most of the early buildings have not survived, and the oldest part was converted into a chapel in 1207.

At the end of the 16th century, the Gothic building was significantly rebuilt. The building received its modern baroque appearance at the beginning of the 18th century thanks to the efforts of Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Robert de Cotta. As a result of a fire in 1914, the palace was badly damaged and it was not rebuilt until the end of World War II.

Future French kings stayed in the palace before their coronation in Notre Dame Cathedral. Here they dressed in special coronation robes and held banquets, the first of which, according to documentary information, took place in 990, and the last in 1825.

In the palace since 1972 there is a museum of the cathedral sacristy, which displays sculptures and tapestries, coronation relics and other similar items that undoubtedly attract the attention of more than one hundred thousand tourists a year.

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Topic: Palais Tau in France, Reims resort.Palais Tau in France, Reims resort

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