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Auction house Dorotheum in Austria, Vienna spa

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The date of foundation of the Dorotheum auction house is 1707. It was created by decree of Emperor Franz Joseph I as a state pawnshop for city residents who found themselves in a difficult financial situation. Initially, only a small circle of buyers was allowed to sell things that were not purchased by the owners. For everyone who wants to buy pledged things in the pawnshop became available in 1785.

The name Dorotheum acquired the pawnshop 80 years after its foundation, when it moved to the building where the monastery of St. Dorothea used to be.

The profitable enterprise quickly grew rich and gained momentum, so in 1901 a beautiful elegant building was erected instead of a monastery, designed by the Austrian architect Forster. The emperor of Austria himself was present at the opening ceremony. The new premises fully responded to   the requirements and needs of a large auction house. Almost the entire elite of Vienna began to visit its showrooms.

In 1978, the Dorotheum auction house opened free sales halls, which attracted even more potential buyers there. The halls display jewelry, antiques, art objects. In these halls, trade is carried out constantly, without an auction.

Today, most often auctions are held at which works of contemporary artists and paintings of the 19th century are exhibited. Also of great interest among buyers is porcelain, glass, sculptures of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

In 2001, Dorotheum became the property of private owners, who with love and responsibility continue the traditions of the auction house.
Currently, the Dorotheum auction house is considered one of the leading in the world. It has representative offices and branches not only in Austria, but also in Japan, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic.  

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Topic: Auction house Dorotheum in Austria, Vienna spa.Auction house Dorotheum in Austria, Vienna spa

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