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Archaeological Museum in Tunis, resort of Sousse

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The Archaeological Museum of Sousse is located in the basement of the Kasbah. One of the richest collections of antiquities and antiques in Tunisia is kept here. The museum also displays the second most important collection of ancient mosaics, second only to the expositions of the Bordeaux Museum. The bulk of the collection is made up of mosaics found in the nearby Sousse area. In addition to mosaics, the museum exhibits masks, vases, statues and even whole gravestones.  

& middot;           The museum is represented by several halls:
  • In the hall of frescoes, fragments of frescoes with mythological subjects (II-III centuries) are exhibited.
  •   The Grand Courtyard is a narrow passage that stretches from the eastern part of the small courtyard to the central courtyard of the Kasbah fortress. There is a garden, where sarcophagi, busts, capitals, columns, tombstones are displayed.
  • Hall of mosaic masterpieces. The mosaics displayed in this room depict scenes of fishing, hunting, images of Nereids and centaurs, Zeus in the form of an eagle.
  • The Tophet Hall displays artifacts found on Tophet: lamps, steles, burial urns.
  •   The head of Medusa is a mosaic found in Roman baths. There is also a statue of Apollo and a relief image of the royal chariot.
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