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Roman mosaics in Cyprus, Paphos resort

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Not far from the Paphos harbor is an archaeological park. In this area, archaeologists have discovered several villas from the ancient Roman period, the floors of which are decorated with magnificent mosaics.

In 1961, while plowing the land, local farmers discovered Roman mosaics, after which Cypriot and Polish archaeologists began excavations of this area, continuing to this day. There are currently three Roman mansions open. These houses have names that correspond to the themes of the mosaic, which displays mythological themes and tells about the life of the people of the ancient world:
  •           House of Dionysus (god of wine and winemaking). In this house, 14 rooms are laid out with mosaics, which occupy an area of 556 square meters. This mosaic depicts the god of wine Dionysus, who reveals the secret of viticulture to Ikarios (the Athenian king), as well as two drunken peasants lying next to an empty wine amphora.
  •           House of Aion. Here you can see the plot of the mosaic depicting the scene of the birth of Dionysus and Leda, the swan princess.
  •           Theseus' house depicts the battle of Theseus and the Minotaur in a labyrinth.

Beautiful wild flowers grow around the archaeological park: mustard flowers, anemonia, wild artichokes and some species of Cypriot orchids.

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Topic: Roman mosaics in Cyprus, Paphos resort.Roman mosaics in Cyprus, Paphos resort

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