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Lyon frescoes in France, Lyon resort

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Frescoes of Lyon – that landmark that does not have a specific address, because they are scattered throughout the city.

There is nothing special from an artistic point of view in these frescoes: they either copy the motifs of famous paintings, or simply depict something inside the building. But, despite their cheapness, the frescoes emphasize the charm of the city and give modern Lyon a special, bright face.

The number of buildings in Lyon, where you can see these frescoes, is growing every year. The most famous building with a fresco – this is the building of the Lyon Central Library. On the end and the facade there is a bookcase with its indispensable attributes: books, glasses, a stepladder, frames with photographs. A nearby bookstore is painted to look like a colorful display case lined with stacks of books by some of the most famous French writers. The post office depicts a postman riding his obligatory bicycle to work. Each of the buildings reflects what is inside, thanks to these frescoes. For example, a TV company boasts a huge picture of a cameraman holding a camera on his shoulder.


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Topic: Lyon frescoes in France, Lyon resort.Lyon frescoes in France, Lyon resort

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