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Liechtenstein Castle in Germany

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Lichtenstein Castle is located in the commune of the same name in Germany, which in turn is located in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. It is built at an altitude of 817 meters on a high cliff at the edge of a vast gorge, complementing the overall majestic view.

Interestingly, this castle existed in two `` variants ''. The first, ancient castle was erected at the end of the XII century, but in the XIV century it was destroyed twice, after which it never recovered, remaining in ruins. Now these ancient ruins can be seen from the southeast side of the modern fortress.

The latter was built in the 19th century and corresponded to the ideas of that time about what a real fortress should look like. The castle is often called `` fairytale '' and there are reasons for this. Firstly, this is due to its appearance, which really suggests associations with the castle of some princess from a fairy tale. Secondly, the creator of this castle, Wilhelm Urakhsky, into whose possession the land passed in 1837, built his fortress under the strong impression of the novel he had read   Wilhelm Hauff Lichtenstein (hence the name of the castle).

Interestingly, a castle with the same design is located in Cape Town in South Africa. It's just that one influential local businessman, impressed by the beauty of Liechtenstein, decided to build the same one (but of red stone) in his homeland.

Lichtenstein Castle itself is made in the romantic neo-Gothic style. The main decoration of the castle is the central white cylindrical tower, which rises above the rest of the buildings. The castle is surrounded by a massive wall with impregnable corner towers. The castle is still in the possession of the Dukes of Urakh, but is open to the public. A large collection of historical weapons and armor can be viewed here.


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