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Brancacci Chapel in Italy, Florence resort

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The Brancacci Chapel is a chapel in the Temple of Santa Maria del Carmine, famous for its early Renaissance wall paintings. The unique frescoes in the chapel, created by Masaccio, revolutionized the visual arts, also predetermining the vector of its development for centuries to come.

In February 1367, by order of Piero di Puvicsese, Brancacci was started in the Carmine church construction of a family chapel. The famous fresco cycle in the chapel appeared thanks to the descendant of the founder of the chapel, Felice Brancacci – influential statesman. Felice commissioned Masaccio and Masolini to paint the walls in 1422.

In 1436, work on the frescoes was interrupted because Felice was imprisoned. and was later declared a rebel. The painting of the chapel was completed only half a century later. For the painting, Filippino Lippi was hired, who retained the stylistic features of his predecessors' manner.

The Brancacci family owned the chapel for over 400 years. In 1780 the chapel was bought by the Marquises of Ricordi. In the 18th century, restoration work was carried out in the chapel. After a fire in 1771, the frescoes were badly damaged by soot. The following restoration work was carried out in the 20th century.

On the left side, in the top row, you can see the frescoes The Miracle with the Statir, The Expulsion from Paradise, and Peter's Sermon to Three Thousands.;; in the bottom row – `` Peter Heals the Sick with the Shadow '', `` Paul Visits Peter in Prison, The Resurrection of Theophilus' Son. On the right side in the upper row are the frescoes The Fall, St. Peter Heals the Crippled. and `` Baptism of neophytes by Peter ''; in the bottom row – The Liberation of Peter from Prison, The Crucifixion of Peter and the Dispute with Simon the Magus “Peter shares community property with the poor, death of Saffira and Ananias.”
The Brancacci Chapel, along with other attractions in the historic center of Florence, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Topic: Brancacci Chapel in Italy, Florence resort.Brancacci Chapel in Italy, Florence resort

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