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Landestheatre in Linz, Austria

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The Landesteater is the largest cultural institution in Linz. It has four stages located in different buildings: Big House, Eisenhand, Kammerspiele, and U ’ Hof. Every year about 35 new productions and about 800-900 performances are staged here - operettas, operas, musicals, ballet, dramas.

The history of the Landesteater goes back more than two centuries, when the Linz dance hall, located at the foot of the Castle Hill, a theater was added, the facade of which was created in the Empire style. The first performance took place in October 1803.

Two reconstructions were carried out in the 20th century. The first reconstruction was carried out in 1940 and touched the Big House, it was expanded. In the second process, in 1954-1958, the architect Clements Holzmeister redeveloped the Kammerspiele and the Great House, and the Ursulinenhof (the basement of the theater) became the third auxiliary stage for the entire state theater. Moreover, Ursulinenhof's repertoire was significantly different from the programs of other scenes.

In 1998-1999, Ursulinenhof was renamed U ’ hof and reoriented towards children and youth. At the same time, a fourth auxiliary stage was created on the basis of the former Eisenhand cinema, where modern theatrical experiments are taking place today.  


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Topic: Landestheatre in Linz, Austria.Landestheatre in Linz, Austria

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