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Theater Vienna (an der Wien) in Austria, Vienna spa

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Theater an de Vin   translated from German means"theater on the river Vienna". Currently, the river is not visible, as it is enclosed in a pipe.

The theater was built in 1798-1801 in the Empire style. Architect Franz Jaeger designed a building for a troupe of artists, led by renowned impresario Emanuel Schikander. In memory of this, at one of the theater gates there is a sculptural image of a group with E. Shikander. These gates have survived to this day, and   the rest of the theater building was almost completely rebuilt in 1902.

In June 1801, the theater opened with a performance of the opera"Alexander" by Franz Tiber. Further, the stage was used to present ballets and opera, as well as pantomimes, which were very popular at the beginning of the 19th century. In addition, in the early years of the theater's existence, concerts were held here, including those of Beethoven. At the end of the 19th century, the theater became one of the main centers for the development of operetta in Vienna.

After the Second World War, artists of the Vienna State Opera performed on the stage of the theater an der Wien until 1955 (since its building it was destroyed during the war and took a very long time to recover). After these events, difficult times came for the theater, it was almost closed and they wanted to rebuild it into a parking lot. But the crisis passed and in 1962 the theater acquired a new life, musicals and operas were played on its stage.

At present, operas and musicals from the Baroque to the present are staged on the stage of the Theater An der Wien .

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Topic: Theater Vienna (an der Wien) in Austria, Vienna spa.Theater Vienna (an der Wien) in Austria, Vienna spa

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