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Castle Landhaus in Austria, Linz resort

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Landhaus Castle is a beautiful palace built in the Renaissance style. Today the government and parliament of Upper Austria sit here.

On the site where the castle stands today, until 1571 there was an old monastery of minority monks. In 1568 a tower was added to the monastery, from that moment the monastery began to rebuild.

Three courtyards with arcades should be noted in the architectural ensemble of the palace. One of them has a fountain with 7 planets (Sun, Venus, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars), which is made of bronze (1582). It was created in memory of the famous astronomer I. Kepler.

In one of the courtyards with three-story arcades, concerts of classical music are held.

Telescopes located between the floors are a very unusual decoration of the interior of the castle. Also the interior of the palace is decorated with paintings by Martin Johann Schmidt and Bartolomeo Almonte.  


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Topic: Castle Landhaus in Austria, Linz resort.Castle Landhaus in Austria, Linz resort

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