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Kellert Theater in Austria, Linz Resort

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The history of the Kellert Theater dates back to 1949, when a small group of amateur actors at a steel mill gave their first performance. A room located on Landstrasse was used as a stage.

Not having their own stage, the workers and actors of the theater were actively looking for permanent premises for the theater. Once, during a business meeting in the Goethe cafe, the conversation turned to the problem of the premises. The owner of the cafe, having heard the discussion, suggested a place for performances in his cafe. The theatergoers agreed, and in January 1964, the first performance took place in the cafe's wine cellar.      

Over the years of the theater's existence, more than 100 plays were played on its stage. In addition, every year a new production is presented here for young spectators. Many of the actors who have gained theatrical experience at the Kellert Theater are now stars of film, drama and television.

Today, the Kellert Theater has 88 seats, a heated room, a bar, wardrobe and toilet.  


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Topic: Kellert Theater in Austria, Linz Resort.Kellert Theater in Austria, Linz Resort

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