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Palazzo Vecchio in Italy, resort of Florence

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Palazzo Vecchio is one of the most popular buildings in the city. At present, the palace serves as the city hall.

In 1299, the priors sat in this government building. At that time, the palazzo was called the New Palace. In the 15th century, the rulers of the commune proclaimed themselves signors, after which the palace became known as the Palazzo della Signoria. In 1540, the Duke of Tuscany, Casimo the First, moved into the building, in connection with which the palace was renamed `` Palazzo Ducale '' (Duke's residence). In 1565, the Duke moved his residence to Palazzo Pitti, and since then the palace has been called the 'Old Palace'. (Palazzo Vecchio).

The construction of the palace began in 1298 under the leadership of Arnolfo di Cambio. The palazzo was built on the model of the Palazzo Tuscany, located in Volterra. In 1667, G. Lederle's huge working hours were installed on the tower of the palace.

In 1478, conspirators were hanged from the windows of the building, trying to overthrow the power of the Medici family. In 1479, the murderer Giuliano Medici was hanged on the windows of the palazzo - Bernardo di Bandino Baroncello.

Next to the statue of"David" there is a small courtyard, decorated in 1453 by Michelozzo in the Renaissance style. The walls were decorated with views of Linz, Graz and Vienna, the author of the painting was Giorgio Vasari, who was the court architect of Casimo the First.

The ceiling and walls of the Hall of Five Hundred were decorated with allegorical paintings. Here since 1494 the meetings of the Great People's Council were held. Vasari and his students were involved in decorating the hall. They destroyed reminders of the period of republican rule, including the painting The Battle of Kashin. the works of Michelangelo and the Battle of Anghiari by Leonardo da Vinci. Among the marble statues, more noteworthy is the Triumph of Florence over Pisa. and the sculptural group The Genius Trampling on Brute Force.

In the Hall of Leo the Tenth one can see the painting The Siege of Milan. works of Vasari, in the Hall of Elements – allegorical figures depicting earth, fire, air and water.

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Topic: Palazzo Vecchio in Italy, resort of Florence.Palazzo Vecchio in Italy, resort of Florence

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