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Lyon Aquarium in France, Lyon resort

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The Lyon Aquarium is actually located not in the city itself, but in its suburbs.

Built at the end of the 20th century, it immediately also became one of the most visited attractions in Lyon. On the territory of 5 km 2 there were buildings with many swimming pools. To date, the total number of pools is 47. Formally, the building is also divided into two parts: the first part is reserved for aquariums proper, and the second part - – for office space and several entertainment venues.

The aquariums of this park gather marine life from all over the world. Separate pools are reserved for freshwater fish of European rivers, rivers of India and other countries of the East. Oceanic large fish are found in larger pools. By the way, there are fish and animals from each of the oceans, except for the Arctic.

The pool with sharks is the most popular among visitors, as you can go down with scuba diving under the strict guidance of an instructor working with predatory fish.

Among the entertainment area, it is worth highlighting a small cafeteria, where French parents love to organize holidays for their children. In addition, at the exit from the Aquarium, you can go to the souvenir shop to buy memorable gifts.


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Topic: Lyon Aquarium in France, Lyon resort.Lyon Aquarium in France, Lyon resort

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