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Opera Lyon in France, Lyon resort

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The Lyon Opera is named Opera Nouvelle in most city guides. This name is the name of the leading architect of the opera building.

The first theater building given over to the opera was built in Lyon in 1756. The demand for opera was so great at that time that almost immediately after the construction the question arose about expanding the auditorium, since there was not enough seating for everyone who wanted to listen to the opera.

Nevertheless, the first opera building was in service for exactly 70 years. In 1826, the final decision was made to expand the building. The roof was completely dismantled, the internal partitions were torn down, only the facade was left. Over the years of construction, a semi-cylindrical dome made of glass and steel partitions was added instead of the classic roof. Inside, balconies were added, the total number of levels was six. The rehearsal room has been moved from behind the curtains to a new basement space equal to the entire theater building.

Thus, today we can admire the beautiful and eclectic Lyon Opera building. The total height of the building exceeds   60 meters. The main disadvantage of the indoor halls is the same lack of seating, so tourists from other countries will have to make reservations for performances in advance, since the townspeople themselves never miss a chance to join the classical form of musical and performing arts.

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Topic: Opera Lyon in France, Lyon resort.Opera Lyon in France, Lyon resort

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