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Cathedral of Bourges in France

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This masterpiece of early Gothic architecture, like many other cathedrals, took over a century to build. The main buildings of the temple were erected in the XII century, after a hundred years the cathedral was almost completed. The building was decorated with stained glass windows, stucco molding, sculptures and other things for another three centuries. The appearance that the cathedral has now has been unchanged since the end of the 16th century, since none of the wars that took place in Europe for several centuries reached these regions of France.

In 1992- m year UNESCO included this building in its list of World Heritage.

The names of the first builders and architects of this masterpiece of architecture remained unknown. Information has come down to our days from the annals, that on the site of the city of Bourges once stood the Roman camp of Avaricum, which grew into a city. Later, the Gallic tribes in this city organized shelters for fugitive Christians.

The shape of the cathedral is not kept in strict Christian tradition, the general plan of the cathedral is not a cruciform, but the shape of a truncated ellipse. The supporting structures are made in the form of arches, the height of which reaches over 100 meters. Between the arches there are stunningly beautiful stained glass windows from different centuries, depicting scenes from the Bible, or dedicated to some saint.

The crypt of the cathedral is also perfectly preserved and keeps the tomb of the Duke Jean Berry, as well as his statues together with his wife.


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Topic: Cathedral of Bourges in France.Cathedral of Bourges in France

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