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Saint-Jean Cathedral in France, Lyon resort

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The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is the oldest and main cathedral in Lyon. Nowadays, the majestic construction of the temple has become the most visited attraction of the city.

Construction of the Cathedral began in 1165. This place once stood a wooden temple, erected during the reign of the Merovingians – first French royal dynasty. The construction of such a large-scale structure could not have been quick, especially for that time. In the first 20 years, only the lower apse and crypt were built, based on the preserved stones of the Roman-Gallic buildings.

The architects and builders reached the facade only three centuries later, before that, services were held in the crypt and in several rooms of the apse. In 1481, the facade was relatively completed, but in a completely different architectural style. The first parts of the building of the cathedral correspond to the classical Romanesque style of construction, and the rest illustrates a vivid example of Gothic.

The Great Revolution at the end of the 18th century did not affect the building of the Cathedral for the better. By order of the Jacobins, the choir was destroyed, the most valuable stained-glass windows were smashed and the interior of the church was destroyed. The restoration work was postponed for a long time due to a severe lack of finance. Only in 1936, the Cathedral was given the appearance that it had immediately after the completion of construction in the 15th century. The Second World War did not allow to reconstruct the facade destroyed during the Revolution,

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Topic: Saint-Jean Cathedral in France, Lyon resort.Saint-Jean Cathedral in France, Lyon resort

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