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St. Anne's Cathedral in France

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One of the oldest Catholic churches in France, and one of the few churches of such an advanced age, where daily services are carried out to this day.

The cathedral was built in the city of Apt. During its long history, it was called the exchange of many saints. So, the temple bore the name of St. Paul, the Mother of God, and only by the 16th century it became a cathedral and consecrated in honor of St. Anne. A century later, this cathedral was visited by the legendary Queen Anne of Austria, in whose honor the Royal Chapel was built in a matter of months.

According to a legend, at the base of the temple lies the body of the Holy Martyr Ospis, who lived here in III century. After 200 years, a small church was built here, from which only the basement remained, or the lower crypt, as it is commonly called here. There is also an upper crypt, but it was built already in the 11th century.

At the very beginning of the 19th century, the diocese of the city of Apt was liquidated, and the cathedral lost its cathedral status, however, 80 years later, local authorities nevertheless awarded the temple the status of a Minor Basilica.

The cathedral is included in the list of national treasures of the French Republic.


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Topic: St. Anne's Cathedral in France.St. Anne's Cathedral in France

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