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Pont des Arts in France, Paris resort

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The Pont des Arts is the first fully iron bridge in France on stone pillars.

This bridge was built on the personal order of Napoleon in 1804. It got its name from the Louvre, which at that time was called not a museum, but the Palace of Arts, since the number of works of art collected in it exceeded all conceivable limits.

The bridge was originally conceived as a pedestrian ... It was also the first bridge, for the passage through which a fee was charged. This fee was established before the revolution of 1848.

From 1852 to 1876, huge work was carried out: first, to demolish one of the vaults of the bridge due to the expansion of the embankment, and then to widening the bridge itself.

Centuries later, after the two world wars survived, the question of a global reconstruction arose, since a barge colliding with the bridge destroyed one of its pillars. In 1979, the bridge was closed for a complete reconstruction. The height above the water level has increased, the number of arches has been reduced. Five years later, in a solemn atmosphere in the presence of the President, the new Pont des Arts was opened.


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Topic: Pont des Arts in France, Paris resort.Pont des Arts in France, Paris resort

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