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Cafe Central in Austria, Vienna spa

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Cafe Central is a very popular coffee shop in Vienna. The cafe is located in the Ferstel palace in the historic center of the city.

The founders of the cafe are the Pakhi brothers. The opening took place in 1876. After the Greenschteidl Cafe was demolished in the 19th century, Cafe Central became the main meeting place for cultural Vienna. The coffee shop was visited by such famous personalities as Peyer Altenberg, Egon Friedel, Alfred Adler, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Leo Perutz, Anton Ku and many others.

After the Second World War, the cafe was closed. Only after the renovation of the Ferstel Palace in 1975, Cafe Central reopened its doors to visitors. Now the cafe is located not in the inner courtyard building, but in the former bank premises, which used to be in the building.

In 1986, the cafe was overhauled. The interior of the coffee house is made in Venetian style, and there is a grand piano in the center of the main hall.

Today, visitors to Cafe Central are offered the latest press, piano sounds, there is a small beautiful garden, which is open during the summer season. The cafe serves a variety of coffees, a wide range of Viennese cuisine and homemade cakes.
Cafe Central has now become a favorite destination for young people, tourists and businessmen from nearby banks.

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Topic: Cafe Central in Austria, Vienna spa.Cafe Central in Austria, Vienna spa

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