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Strasbourg Cathedral in France, Strasbourg resort

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The largest cathedral in France is the pearl of Strasbourg and a reflection of its architectural style. Like the city itself, the Cathedral is a mixture of two cultural traditions: German and French.

Construction of the cathedral began during the heyday of the Romanesque style – in 1015. The southern portal, the choir, and some elements of the eastern wing, built at that time, fully meet the requirements of Romanesque architecture. The Romanesque style was replaced by the Gothic, and the rest of the cathedral is the brightest example of Gothic architecture.

The cathedral has been completed, altered, and restored over the centuries. According to the original architectural concept, the cathedral was supposed to have two towers: the north and south, however, only the north tower was finally completed, so the appearance of the cathedral differs from others in a certain asymmetry. The fully completed North Tower appeared already in the 15th century, making the cathedral the tallest stone building in the world. It held this status for two centuries.

In 1574, the legendary astronomical clock appeared inside the cathedral, refined 200 years later. Initially, the clock showed only the time, and differed little in its mechanism from other tower clocks. Later, a unique mechanism was added to them, which is a model of the solar system. But this model of the solar system rotates at exactly the same speed with which all planets and satellites rotate.

In 1988, together with the entire island district of Grande Ile, Strasbourg Cathedral was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Since 2000, Cathedral Square has been a venue for musical performances ... In the summer, every evening, live classical music performed by the best bands of the city accompanied by a colorful laser and light show sounds here. Special projectors illuminate the walls of the cathedral, and thus it comes to life in the rhythm of the sounding music.  


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Topic: Strasbourg Cathedral in France, Strasbourg resort.Strasbourg Cathedral in France, Strasbourg resort

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