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Cathedral of St. Mary in Germany

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Cathedral of St. Mary – cathedral in Hildesheim, bishop's cathedral. The cathedral, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has a rich history. The first buildings appeared here in the 9th century. In 815, with the founding of the Hildesheim bishopric, the chapel of St. Mary was built. Today the apse of the cathedral is located on this site. Later, a basilica with round towers was built. The basilica served as a cathedral; the first bishops were buried in it. Today, however, only the foundations remain of these buildings.

The Cathedral of the Assumption of St. Mary was built in 872 in the form of a tower with three naves. Two centuries later, the cathedral was badly damaged by fire, and Bishop Acelin decided to build a new building for the cathedral. His successor, Hecilo, revised the plans of Acelinus and built a new cathedral on the remains of the original foundation.

Until the 15th century, various reconstructions of the cathedral were carried out, Gothic chapels were added on the north and south sides, the baroque middle cross ... In the 19th century, reconstructions were undertaken again, the original facade was replaced by a neo-Gothic one. It survived until 1945. During the Second World War, the cathedral was almost completely destroyed and rebuilt. Some elements of the decoration were not restored, so that the cathedral acquired an early Romanesque look.

In winter 2010, the cathedral was closed for a global restoration, which is planned to be completed by 2014.

One notable fact is connected with the cathedral: a rose grows on its outer wall, which, as legends say, is more than a thousand years old. The rose is called the Millennium Rose Garden. However, the real age of the rose is – not less than four hundred years. During the bombing of 1945, the rose was badly damaged, it was thought that she was dead. However, the roots were not damaged and the plant fully recovered in 1948.

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Topic: Cathedral of St. Mary in Germany.Cathedral of St. Mary in Germany

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