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Fagus factory in Alfeld in Germany

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Fagus Factory in Alfeld – a factory complex that is in no way reminiscent of traditional industrial buildings, an example of modern urban architecture. The plant building was created by Walter Gropius and Adolf Mayer since 1911. Distinctive features of the building – glass and steel facades, fully glazed corners of the building.

The factory complex was built in three stages, the last changes were made in 1938. The plant, which celebrated its centenary in 2011, is still used for its intended purpose and is an example of the embodiment of the principles of industrial architecture of the 20th century. However, excursions are often held here. The greatest interest among visitors is aroused by the exposition dedicated to Walter Gropius and the Fagus company. It is located in the heart of the industrial complex. It also hosts a variety of concerts, exhibitions and other events. Thus, the industrial complex has become the cultural center of the region.

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Topic: Fagus factory in Alfeld in Germany.Fagus factory in Alfeld in Germany

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