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Hassan Bek Mosque in Israel, Tel Aviv resort

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The mosque was named after Hasan Bek – Turkish official who served as governor of Jaffa at the beginning of the 20th century.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the governor decided to build a mosque in the city. The funds for the construction of the mosque were donated by wealthy citizens.

Elders of the Muslim community have often gathered on the square in the Turkish administrative building since the late 19th century. Hassan Bek asked the elders to help with the construction, which resulted in blocks and cement on the site.

After the State of Israel was formed, the mosque was transferred to the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Until the 60s, the building housed the governing bodies of Ha-Poel, and a kindergarten was also opened here.

  Over time, the building decayed any stay in it caused a threat to life. Until the end of the 70s, the building was empty. Part of the minaret was destroyed.

In 1974, the mosque was turned into a shopping center by the mayor's office. Only a small room was allocated for Muslim prayer. The construction of 24 shops was planned on the first and second floors. Local residents were alarmed by the church's transformation into a trade, and a lawsuit was filed with the District Court. As a result, the municipality changed the status of the mosque – the building was deemed to be for religious purposes only.

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Topic: Hassan Bek Mosque in Israel, Tel Aviv resort.Hassan Bek Mosque in Israel, Tel Aviv resort

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