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Temple of Saturn in Italy, Rome resort

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The Temple of Saturn, located in the Roman Forum, is one of the oldest temples in Rome.

The temple was built in 489 BC. after the victory over the kings of the Tarquinian clan. Upon completion of construction, the temple was consecrated in honor of Saturn – god of the earth and crops.

Over the course of several centuries, the temple was repeatedly burned down. In 42 BC. Edil Munatius Planck rebuilt the temple, and he is also credited with the construction of a podium covered with travertine.

In 283 AD. restoration work was carried out in the temple again after the next fire that happened here.

At that time, the church was a type of pseudo-peripter with a colonnade of the Ionic order located on the podium. The ledge of the buildings with podiums departed from the travertine base. The podiums were separated by a staircase that led to the temple. During the time of the Republic, one of the podiums housed the Roman treasury; documents on the income and debts of the state were also kept here. In our time, only an elevation has survived from the treasury, passing along the entire side of the temple facing the Forum.

Every year in December, the festival of Saturnalia was celebrated near the temple. The celebration began with a sacrifice followed by a religious feast. On these days, work and study were suspended, and the execution of criminals was also prohibited. Slaves received special benefits – they were freed from ordinary labor,

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Topic: Temple of Saturn in Italy, Rome resort.Temple of Saturn in Italy, Rome resort

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