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Tabularia in Italy, Rome resort

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Tabularia is the state archive of Ancient Rome, which once contained state acts and popular decrees.

Initially, there was no state archive in Rome , all decisions were exhibited at the Capitol or the Forum. As state documents increased, several tabularia were organized: plebiscita and senatusconsulta were kept in the temple of Ceres, financial acts – in the Temple of Saturn on Capitol Hill, foedera   – in a special tabularium on the Capitol.

In 83 BC, during the internecine wars, a fire broke out in the Capitol, which destroyed part of the Temple of Saturn, which housed the tabularium.

In 78 BC. Quentius Lutatius Catulus erected a general state archive near the temple of Saturn. In addition to this archive, the city also had municipal archives, as well as archives for various spiritual and secular corporations.


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Topic: Tabularia in Italy, Rome resort.Tabularia in Italy, Rome resort

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