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University of Zagreb in Croatia, Zagreb resort

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At the beginning of the 17th century, the Jesuits founded the theological faculty, in the middle of the same century - the philosophy faculty. In 1772 - 1776 in the city of Zagreb, on the orders of Leopold I of Habsburg, a Jesuit academy appeared, which had the status of a university.

In 1873, the Croatian government decided to open a university in Zagreb. And in 1874 the university was opened and had four faculties: philosophy, theological, medical and legal. In 1930, four more were added to the existing faculties: veterinary, pharmaceutical, agricultural and technical.  

After the establishment of communist rule in Yugoslavia, the university underwent significant reorganizations.

In 1970, the university had 3 higher schools and 25 faculties, where about 30 thousand students studied and more than 3 thousand teachers worked. And after the recognition of Croatia as an independent republic, the university again underwent significant reorganization and democratization.

Now the university includes 29 faculties, 3 academies, 3 centers and 2 student centers, and more than 50 thousand students.

The university library is very rich and has over 800 thousand volumes.


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Topic: University of Zagreb in Croatia, Zagreb resort.University of Zagreb in Croatia, Zagreb resort

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