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Forum of August in Italy, Rome resort

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Forum of Augustus is the second of four Roman imperial forums.

The forum was commissioned by Octavian Augustus. The Temple of Mars the Avenger has become the most important structure at the Forum. The consecration of the temple took place in 2 A.D. The material for the construction of the temple was Carrara marble. In the center of the temple was a statue of Mars, which was surrounded by the statues of Venus and Caesar. The temple kept the sword of Caesar, as well as the banners of the defeated Parthians.

The construction of the forum was carried out in order to praise the emperor who managed to restore old traditions. For this purpose, statues of Romulus and Aeneas, as well as important men of the republic, were installed in semicircular niches. Each pedestal had information about the life and deeds of a person. In front of the temple, in the central part of the square, there was a sculpture of Augustus depicted on a chariot.

In our time, little of the Forum buildings has survived. Here you can see several columns of the temple and a staircase, a collection of artifacts. Under Mussolini, the front of the forum was rebuilt into Via dei Fori Imperiali, without any archaeological research.


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Topic: Forum of August in Italy, Rome resort.Forum of August in Italy, Rome resort

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