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Beijing Zoo in China, Beijing Resort

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The zoo is located in the Xicheng District in the western part of Beijing. With an area of 90 hectares, it is the largest zoo in all of China. In addition, this zoo was the first one open to the general public.

The zoo was founded in 1906 during the reign of Emperor Guangxu. It was called the Agrarian Experimental Center. It was opened for visiting two years later; in 1908, its area was then 15 thousand square meters. Over the next years, the zoo was renamed several times, and since 1955 it has been officially renamed Beijing Zoo.

The zoo has preserved many buildings from the Qing dynasty, including the Tower of Beautiful View, the main gate, Changchun Hall and three other buildings.

The Tower of Beautiful View is the only remaining imperial dwelling in the country that is designed in a Western style. After the 1911 revolution, Sun Yatsen made speeches from this tower more than once.

Animals in the zoo are housed in 40 enclosures. The Beijing Aquarium was specially built for aquatic animals.

The main sections of the zoo are Monkey Hill, Tigers and Lions Hill, Bear Mountain, African Zone, Waterbird Lake, Golden Monkey House, Giraffe Aviary , House of the Giant Panda and others. In a special two-story enclosure, you can see reptiles and amphibians living in the Yangtze River: piits, snakes, turtles, crocodiles and alligators.

Every year the zoo spends a lot of money to purchase new animals and renovate existing enclosures. In 2003, the Popular Science Hall was built on the territory of the zoo, where visitors are told about the wild with the help of sound and visual means, as well as living representatives of the fauna.

One of the rarest animals in the zoo can be seen in world - a giant panda. Now in China, only a thousand individuals of this species live in the wild.

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