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Gongwangfu Palace and Park Ensemble in China, Beijing Resort

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This palace and park ensemble is located in Beijing, in the Xicheng district. Today, it houses a walking park, theater and museum.

The palace was built in 1776 especially for Heshen, the famous favorite of the Qianlong Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. The building was the largest princely palace, in size it was second only to the court of Emperor Gugun. The total area of the entire complex is 60 thousand square meters. Here you can see about 30 architectural ensembles, which are made in different styles.

After the death of the patron emperor, Hashen was accused of embezzlement and corruption. His palace was confiscated, and he passed into the possession of   Aisingero Yonglinu, appanage prince Qing. The palace was later confiscated again and given to Aisingero Isin, Grand Duke Gong. Then the residence acquired its current name.

In 1982, the palace complex was included in the Register of Cultural Heritage of China. In 1996, the park was opened for visiting, and in 2008 - the entire palace complex.

In 2005, it was decided to turn Gunwaafu   to the museum of the princely palaces. There were almost no paintings, calligraphic works and other interior items in the prince's residence, so the exhibits had to be bought. The owners of antiques donated something to the museum. As a museum, the restored palace opened on August 24, 2008.

Theater Square, which is located on the eastern axis of the complex's layout, is 685 square meters. The theater building was built of wood. The stage is located in the southern part of the room, between the boxwood screen and the platform. The ceiling and walls are covered with paintings with wisteria ornaments, the floor is decorated with square slabs, and the screen is engraved.

In this theater, you can always watch performances of Peking opera and other genres of theatrical art. Famous masters of the Chinese circus, who are popular not only among tourists, but also among the inhabitants of Beijing, also perform here. During the performances, the residents are served by girls dressed in Qing dynasty costumes. They serve tea, royal snacks and desserts, and more.

The museum is open every day from 7.

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Topic: Gongwangfu Palace and Park Ensemble in China, Beijing Resort.Gongwangfu Palace and Park Ensemble in China, Beijing Resort

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