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Column of Foka in Italy, Rome resort

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The Column of Phocas is a Corinthian column erected in front of the Rostra at the Roman Forum and in 608 dedicated to the Byzantine emperor Phocas. The column is the latest addition to the architectural ensemble of the Roman Forum.

The column was erected in the 2nd century AD. The column was installed on a pedestal made of white marble, which was originally used in the monument to Diocletian. According to the inscription, which can be seen from the north side of the monument, the column was dedicated to Foka, in whose honor a golden statue of the emperor was erected on the top.

In 610, Foka was dethroned, after which he the images were purposefully destroyed. At the end of 610, by order of Emperor Heraclius, the gilded sculpture of Phocas was thrown from the column, and the dedicatory inscription was also erased.

During the Middle Ages, the Forum was desolate and filled with rock washed off the hillsides. Phoca's column remained intact and still continued to rise above the ground. The pedestal of the column was buried under sediments. In XVIII it was completely cleared of them.


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Topic: Column of Foka in Italy, Rome resort.Column of Foka in Italy, Rome resort

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