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Forum of Trajan in Italy, Rome resort

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The Troyan Forum is the last of the Roman imperial forums.

The forum was erected by order of Trajan and decorated with trophies that were brought back after the conquest of Dacia. Apollodorus from Damascus became the architect of the project. The forum was opened in 112. During the construction of the Forum, Caesar's Forum, Trajan's market were erected in the city, as well as the temple of Venus the Progenitor was reconstructed.

Upon completion, the Forum was an area surrounded by numerous covered colonnades with exedrats from two parties. On the south side was the main entrance to the Forum. The triumphal arch was crowned with a chariot drawn by six horses. In the northern part of the colonnade, built of white marble and decorated with an equestrian statue of Trajan, the Ulpia Basilica was built.

North of the basilica is the Trajan Temple and a smaller colonnade. Previously, there were two libraries next to them, one containing Greek documents, the other Latin. Trajan's Column stood between the libraries.

In the 4th century the Forum was visited by Emperor Constantius II, who was delighted with the equestrian statue of Trajan and the surrounding buildings.

Since then, only the remaining part of the market and Trajan's column can be observed at the Forum.


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Topic: Forum of Trajan in Italy, Rome resort.Forum of Trajan in Italy, Rome resort

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