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Odeon (and Asklepion) in Cyprus, Paphos resort

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The Odeon is an ancient Roman theater that is located near the villa of Dionysus. Presumably, it was built in the 2nd century AD, and looked much more impressive than it is now. In the IV century, as a result of earthquakes, the theater was destroyed.

Scientists suggest that in ancient times the theater had 25 spectator rows, a roof that protected spectators from the sun and rain, and six staircases divided the amphitheater into seven sectors.

  After restoration, the theater has 12 seats and can accommodate over a thousand spectators. Currently, in the summer, the Odeon hosts theatrical performances, open-air concerts.    

Asklepion (Temple of Asclepius) once adjoined the theater building from the west. The temple was not large, judging by the remains. In the temple, the inhabitants of ancient Paphos were treated and the ancient Greek god of healing and medicine, Asclepius, was worshiped. Asclepius was born mortal, but the gods granted him immortality for his high medical skill. According to one of the legends, the god Apollo was the father of Asclepius, and the mother - mortal   Koronida.  


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Topic: Odeon (and Asklepion) in Cyprus, Paphos resort.Odeon (and Asklepion) in Cyprus, Paphos resort

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