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Donana National Park in Spain

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Donana National Park is located in Andalusia and is considered one of the most striking natural attractions in Spain. The area of the park is 75   800 hectares. The official opening of this park took place in 1963, and in 1994 Donana was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Here you can enjoy not only the marvelous landscapes of the ocean coast and forests, but also colorful freshwater swamps located near the Guadalquivir River.

Donana is home to many species of wild animals, it is a national reserve where lynxes, deer, wild boars and wild cats can be found. In total, over fifty species of mammals and about one hundred thirty-five species of birds live here, including cranes and flamingos. Donana Park & ndash; great place, suitable for both relaxing family and active holidays.  


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Topic: Donana National Park in Spain.Donana National Park in Spain

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