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Archaeological Museum in Cyprus, Paphos Resort

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This museum is a branch of the Nicosia Archaeological Museum. Shown here are items dating from the Neolithic era BC. All the finds on display have been found on the island and its surroundings, and are arranged in chronological order. One of the most interesting finds in the museum is considered to be a bust of Aphrodite found near the coast.

The museum exhibits are located in four halls:

  •         In the first exhibition hall precious jewelry (from the era of the Roman Empire), images of idols, terracotta figurines, ceramics, vases are exhibited.
  •         The most interesting find of the second exhibition hall is the skeleton of an ancient man, which was found near Lemba and is located in the very center of the hall.
  •         In the third room, there are several sarcophagi and many interesting things, such as eyeballs made of marble, clay vessels for hot water, made in the form of parts of a human body (feet, hands, ear). In addition, in this room you can see several clay masks and vases from the period of the Roman Empire, as well as statues of Greek gods.
  •       The fourth room displays objects from the house of Dionysus, miniature figurines, wall mosaics and large vessels of the 5th-6th centuries.

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Topic: Archaeological Museum in Cyprus, Paphos Resort.Archaeological Museum in Cyprus, Paphos Resort

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