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Old Town Hall in the Czech Republic, Brno resort

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The Old Town Hall is a must-see for all tourist programs in Brno. The Old Town Hall is the oldest building in the city, the foundation of which was carried out in 1240. Of course, initially the building of the Town Hall was much more modest, and it received its purpose only in 1373.

At that time, the Town Hall was the most important secular structure in the city. It held court sessions, city council meetings, and was also a repository for administrative documents, money and stamps. The city authorities organized warm receptions for guests of honor. The back wing of the town hall served as a prison.

Over the centuries, the town hall has been repaired and rebuilt several times. Like most buildings in the city, due to numerous sieges, the Town Hall was often destroyed. The architecture of the building harmoniously combines Renaissance, Late Gothic and Baroque styles. It is worth paying attention to the decoration of the passage to the courtyard of the Town Hall, made in the XIV century, where the middle of the five towers, which is slightly curved, catches the eye.

According to legend, the cause of this defect was the stinginess of the local authorities who did not pay the due amount to Anton Pilgman. In retaliation, Pilgman twisted the central tower.

In the aisle of the Town Hall, attention is immediately drawn to a hanging stuffed crocodile, and on the side on the wall – wooden wheel. Both of these exhibits also have their own legend.

In ancient times, the inhabitants of the city considered the crocodile a dragon that terrorized their peace. The city authorities appointed a large reward for his capture, but the knights were in no hurry to fight. One of the butcher's workers decided to try and catch the 'dragon'. He stuffed the skin of an ox with lime, making a kind of bait. The crocodile pecked at the bait and after the meal went to quench his thirst. The reaction went and `` dragon '' was defeated.

The legend of the wheel is also quite interesting. The wheel was created in the first half of the 17th century. On a dispute, a certain Jiri Birk agreed to make a wheel in a day and roll it to Brno from Lednice, where he lived. He succeeded, and in memory of this he hung the wheel in the aisle of the Town Hall.

The arcaded courtyard was made by Italian craftsmen in the Renaissance style at the end of the 16th century. After the siege of the Swedes, the courtyard needed restoration, during which it acquired the Baroque style.

Today, the Town Hall houses a gallery; in the summertime, a museum is open here, showing amazing halls to tourists. There is an observation deck in the town hall tower. Mass cultural events and concerts are held in the courtyard.  

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Topic: Old Town Hall in the Czech Republic, Brno resort.Old Town Hall in the Czech Republic, Brno resort

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