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New Town Hall in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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Construction of the New Town Hall began in 1348, shortly after the founding of Nove Mesto. Before the unification of Prague cities into one, the Town Hall was the seat of the Nove Mesta municipality.

Today, the Town Hall is a national cultural monument of architectural and historical value, as it is associated with a number of events related to progressive history Czech people.

During the conflict between the Hussites and Catholics, the Town Hall was one of the places of hostilities. The procession, led by Jan койizka and Jan elivski, put forward a demand for the release of the Hussites, supporters of church reform. The reason for the conflict was a stone thrown from the Town Hall. Thereafter, an angry crowd burst into the building and threw the burgomaster, his advisers and some townspeople on swords and lances, which was the beginning of the Hussite revolution. Near the main portal of the Town Hall there is a monument to Jan Zhulivsky, reminding of this historical event.

The second time defenestration in the Town Hall was held in 1483.

At the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th centuries, after the unification of the Prague cities, the Town Hall was abolished and the building was adapted for the city court and prison. In the middle of the 19th century, there were also participants in the revolution, and later political prisoners, who published their own satirical magazine in the building.

Nowadays, the New Town Hall is a complex that united several medieval objects. The oldest part of the building is the east wing, erected in 1377. In the years 1411-1416, a southern wing was added to the building.

In the 20s of the 16th century, the southern wing was reconstructed, after which it acquired an early Renaissance style. The work was supervised by the architect B. Reed, who also added late Gothic pediments to the architecture. In 1559, the reconstruction of the eastern wing of the building was carried out, which was directed by the architect B. Velmut. In the course of the work, the original two-nave hall, made in the Gothic style, and the town hall Mashaus with cross vaults were preserved.

In 1904-1906 the most significant reconstruction was carried out in the Town Hall. Construction work was supervised by K. Gilbert and A. Viel,

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Topic: New Town Hall in the Czech Republic, Prague spa.New Town Hall in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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