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Old Town Square in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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Old Town Square is an old Prague square, located in the historic district of the city - Stare Mesto. The square is surrounded by town houses with facades of various styles of architecture - Renaissance, Gothic, Rococo and Baroque. Its total area is 15   000 m 2.

In the XII century, on the site where the square is today, there was a large market located at the crossroads of trade routes. Since the 13th century, the square has been called the Old Market, and a century later it began to be called the Old Town Market. From the 18th century until 1895, the square managed to change several names at once - Old Town Square, then Big Old Town Square and Big Square, until, finally, it was not given its current name.

Previously, coronation processions to the Prague Castle passed through the square. Unfortunately, in addition to solemn events, tragedies also happened here. In the second half of the 15th   century, clashes took place on the square, which were caused by the execution of Jan Zelivsky, the leader of the poor in Prague. In 1437, the execution of the last Hussite hetman Jan Rogach and his entourage took place here. In June 1621, 27 participants of the Stavovo resistance, who opposed the Habsburg dynasty, died on the square. Near the main town hall, on the sidewalk, 27 crosses were erected in their honor, with the symbols of a thorny crown and a sword.

In the 14th century, the town hall was erected on the Old Town Square. on which the Prague Astronomical Clock was installed in 1410. In 1365, the construction of the Tyn Church began near the square. In 1591, in the north of the square, the Krotsinov Kashna fountain was installed. In the middle of the 17th century, in honor of the liberation of the city from the Swedes, the Marian Pillar was erected on the square, which existed until 1918. Nowadays, there is a memorial plaque on the site of the pillar, and in the middle of the square on the paving stones there is a midday mark - a place where the shadow of the pillar fell at noon on a sunny day. In the past, a Prague time report was made from this point.

In the 19th century, the area was expanded due to the demolished buildings. In 1915, a monument to Jan Hus, the national hero of the Czech Republic, was erected here. In the 1960s, the Old Town Square became a pedestrian zone.

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Topic: Old Town Square in the Czech Republic, Prague spa.Old Town Square in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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