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Thai Khao Palace in Vietnam, Hue Resort

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The Thai Hoa Palace was originally intended for gatherings of members of the court. The construction of the palace was carried out by order of Guia Long in 1805. In 1883, the palace was moved to a higher foundation by Emperor Minh Mang.

Today the palace is a complex consisting of a two-span main building with five rooms, connected to the front building. On the columns of the building, covered with red lacquer, you can see images of golden dragons.

On the middle building there is a plaque that depicts the hieroglyphs for 'Thai Hoa Dien'. (`` Palace of the Highest Harmony ''). Inside the building, you can see a throne with a golden veil on it. At the entrance to each of the halls there is a hexagonal or octagonal lamp.

In 1839, to decorate this historic monument, Emperor Minh Mang was ordered to varnish the building in gold and red colors. Later, colored glass doors and European paving stones appeared here. In the interior of the building, ancient vases and various antiques deserve special attention.

In the courtyard of the palace there is a number of pedestals, each of which has a vase with a rare plant. If you sit on the throne, you can clearly hear the sounds produced in the rooms of the building.  

At that time, solemn ceremonies were often held in the palace, such as receiving foreign ambassadors, coronations, birthdays, etc.

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Topic: Thai Khao Palace in Vietnam, Hue Resort.Thai Khao Palace in Vietnam, Hue Resort

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