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Ngo Mon in Vietnam, Hue resort

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Ngo Mon is the main entrance to the Citadel. Ngo Mon was built as a huge two-piece structure - ndash; a brick base and a pavilion made of wood with a roof decorated with tiles.  

Ngo Mon has five exits. The main gate was intended for the emperor, faced with Thanh stone, with wooden doors covered with red lacquer. Two side entrances were intended for military and civilian officials, the other two gates – for the passage of soldiers, as well as horses and elephants.

The upper part of Ngo Mon is called Ngu Phung, meaning the pavilion of the five phoenixes. Two-storey belvederes adjoin the pavilion on both sides. On the upper floor are the rooms intended for the wives of the emperor, who could observe the events from here. The entire lower floor, with the exception of the central part, remained open. The central part of the floor was paneled and fitted with glass doors. The emperor himself was here during festivities and festivals.

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Topic: Ngo Mon in Vietnam, Hue resort.Ngo Mon in Vietnam, Hue resort

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